Trigger finger presents with a finger locking up in a position where the finger is bent down like pulling a trigger.  The affected finger has to be bent back forcibly or an extra voluntary effort is required to extend the finger which can be very debilitating or uncomfortable.  If it is locking on a frequent basis, it can impair ones function.

This condition is relatively easy to treat with conservative management as a first option.  Treatments for trigger finger could be as simple as activity modification or steroid injections.

However in a more severe presentation, surgical treatment could be indicated.  A trigger finger release is done through a small diagonal incision at the distal palm where an A-1 pulley release is performed.  Surgery of this nature can be performed under local anesthesia in the office which is a great benefit to the patient as far as time and global costs.

The recovery is excellent and the symptomatic relief is even more dramatic.  Once the surgery is performed the patient can instantly realize that their finger is not getting caught and stuck down in their palm.

Dr. Myers is not exclusive to plastic surgery.  He is also board certified in hand surgery which makes him further qualified to provide care for yourself or your family members.   To find out more or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Myers, please contact us today.