A plastic surgeon is fully qualified to remove skin cancer but what makes them different is their approach.   A plastic surgeon will approach the surgery with an eye for both function and appearance which will provide you with the best looking results.

Why choose a plastic surgeon for skin cancer treatments

Skin cancer does not have to be a complicated process involving various physicians.   Dr. Myers has the ability to diagnose, biopsy, remove the cancer, and provide reconstruction if necessary.  In most cases, this removes the need to see other physicians.  You will only have to provide your medical information once and a relationship is built insuring familiarity with your unique circumstances with the doctor and his team from beginning to end.

The most important thing about skin cancer is its removal.  However, most patients are concerned with what the affected area will look like after surgery.  Dr. Myers is uniquely qualified as a board certified plastic surgeon to have an eye for both function and appearance.  During surgery he will take his time to insure that all of the cancer is removed, preserve as much healthy tissue as possible, minimize scarring, and properly prepare the area for reconstruction if necessary.

Insurance Coverage

Plastic surgery is popularly considered cosmetic in nature but in reality the first plastic surgery case ever recorded was to restore the natural appearance of a man that was injured in the First World War.

Insurance covers procedures that are medically necessary.  The removal and reconstruction of skin cancer is considered a medical necessity and therefore covered by most insurance providers whether working with a plastic surgeon or other qualified surgeon.

Why choose Dr. Myers for your skin cancer treatment

Dr. Myers is the only board certified plastic surgeon in Etowah county and most of its surroundings.  His many years of education and training make him qualified to surgically remove skin cancer.  Dr. Myers will use the same closing techniques that he uses on his cosmetic patients for the best possible results.

New patients can usually be seen in just two to three weeks.  Our office is well appointed and our friendly staff will make your feel comfortable.  Most skin cancer removal surgeries can be performed in the office which can be a significant savings with your out of pocket costs.  Dr. Myers does have privileges at Riverview Regional Medical Center and Gadsden Regional Medical Center for those procedures that need to be performed in the hospital.

Our office does accept Medicare and most commercial insurance providers.  To find out more or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Myers, please contact us today.