Dupuytren’s Disease is a condition where the finger can get curled down and stuck in a position which can be mistaken for trigger finger.

Dupuytren’s is caused by an abnormal thickening of the tissue beneath the skin.  It causes the fingers to become permanently bent in a flexed position.  The finger(s) cannot be straightened completely which can complicate everyday activities.

It can be debilitating because you cannot flatten your hand on a surface.  It can be uncomfortable and limiting because of your range of motion.

In the past surgery was the first option for this condition.  However, in recent years we have been getting great results using the medication Xiaflex.  This is a minimally invasive technique where the medication Xiaflex is injected into the hand on a given day.  The patient then returns to the office a few days later and the finger is manipulated to rupture the cord that has been formed by this process.  This is performed under a local anesthetic digital block.  Once the cord of tissue ruptures the patient is able to have their hand fully extended and flattened on a surface

Dr. Myers is not exclusive to plastic surgery.  He is also board certified in hand surgery which makes him further qualified to provide care for yourself or your family members.   To find out more or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Myers, please contact us today.